Open to Opportunity

Open to Opportunity (O2O) simplifies networking and offers mentorship to people from low-income, first-generation, and under-represented backgrounds. Our program focuses on connecting high school seniors, college students, and recent graduates to experienced mentors from a variety of backgrounds. We seek to increase accessibility to industry-related knowledge through 1/1 coffee chats and mentorship.

The problem we saw:

Today, networking is everything. It’s not easy for everyone though. It’s even harder for those that come from overlooked communities that lack the knowledge to build professional relationships with others. O2O aims to make this knowledge accessible for everyone through 1/1 coffee chats and mentorship.


Our vision is to help all young people realize their full potential in the professional world.


Open to Opportunity (O2O) provides mentorship and networking resources to help students and recent college graduates excel in their professional endeavors.


Our purpose is to make professional networking more accessible and equitable for young people from underrepresented communities. 

Let’s make networking easy together

Meet some of our mentors!

Oluchi Okwu

Oluchi hopes to build strong and meaningful relationships with her mentees and be a valuable resource who’s confident for the mentee. ” 

Oluchi is experienced with clinical and social science research. She currently works for the California State Government as a Healthcare Analyst working with healthcare providers, professionals, and beneficiaries getting them enrolled in California’s Medicaid (known as Medi-Cal). Oluchi is making an impact with the California State Capitol on health policy initiatives and bills to improve the benefits, structure, and implementation of social welfare programs.

She is available for coffee chats and short term mentorship.

Megan Piedal

Megan hopes to guide you on the stepping stones you can take to get your foot in the door.” 

Megan Piedal is an industry leading marketing and events professional with nearly 10 years of experience in her field. Megan is currently working with the VentureBeat and GamesBeat teams on digital events in the online tech media sector. In her free time, Megan is an avid gamer and small streamer, also supporting a small Discord community of young adults who enjoy gaming after work.

Megan believes there’s more to building a career than becoming a doctor, lawyer, or FAANG marketer. She notes that non-traditional routes including gaming, community management, and events are on the rise and can be lucrative and enjoyable pathways.

She is available for coffee chats, short-term, and long-term mentorship.

Imran Khan

“Imran strives to provide a guiding light to channel those thoughts in practical action items.”

Imran works as a Care Coordinator at Two Chairs, a mental health start-up that’s changing the landscape. He’s passionate about improving healthcare accessibility and equity and he’s rooted in community advocacy and social justice.

Imran hopes to provide an outlet for his mentees to express their goals and frustrations. He also wants to be a resource to POCs and first generation students, as many don’t have access to a lot of resources.

He is available for coffee chats and short-term mentorship.

Ryan Tsao

Ryan hopes to give mentees the tools they need to succeed in the career/area of their choosing.”

Ryan is a Process Engineer with Intel. He is working in the semiconductor industry which is at the forefront of today’s hardware technology.

He is available for short-term mentorship and coffee chats.